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Whether you need help with a personal or professional issue, Andy Nichol and his professional, discreet private investigators firm can help. He brings with him extensive experience and a proven knowledge of how to determine if a person is being dishonest without them ever even being aware that they are being investigated. While the main part of his private investigation services in and around the Smithfield, NC area is focused on catching a cheating spouse, he also specializes in a range of services from locating witnesses for attorneys to conducting background checks on employees or determining if a current employee is defrauding the company. No matter what your private investigations needs may be Andy Nichol can help you.

Andy Nichol brings extensive experience into his role with private investigators. He started his career as a police officer with the Raleigh police department and worked his way up through the ranks. His extensive resume with the Raleigh police department spans from titles of police officer up to Captain of the Detectives unit as well as additional roles within various task forces like the gang units. At the time of his retirement in fact, he was on the gang task force as an advisor. Throughout his successful career he was awarded with a range of commendations including two in 2008, one for the employee of the year for the Raleigh police department and the other for the employee of the year for the entire city of Raleigh, NC.

Andy Nichol was simply not able to completely give up the whole detective lifestyle, which is why he decided to go into private investigations to help individuals, businesses and attorneys find what they are looking for. He offers various services including a three pronged approach to find out if there is a cheating spouse or simply conducting a background check on potential employees. He is dedicated to justice and ensuring that people are not caught off guard by another person who they have trusted being unfaithful or dishonest.

His services in and around the Smithfield area are primarily based on the assumption that a person is dishonest. Most of his experience in the private investigators arena comes from the assumption that there is a cheating spouse in a relationship or fraudulent behavior in the workplace. In these areas, he is very successful in finding the truth, no matter what the truth may be or how much it hurts the other party. He starts out with a GPS unit attached to the accused party’s car which tracks their every move, all of the time. Then he goes on to discreetly follow the other party while conducting his surveillance. Then he goes on to take photographs of the accused which will prove one way or another if the spouse is in fact being unfaithful or if they really are working late.

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