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When you think of private investigators, you may think of something from a movie or a television show, but there are real life situations where you may need to enlist the help of a detective. As you go through life, you may experience many different things. There may be a time in your life when you need the help of a private investigator. When you are looking for private investigators in Holly Springs, NC; look no further than Andy at Nichol investigative services LLC. Andy will get you the answers you are looking for.

Andy has twenty five years of experience with law enforcement. He recently retired from his job at the Raleigh police department where he served as the captain of the police department. Andy received many awards including the 2008 Raleigh Police Department and City of Raleigh Employee of the Year Award. Andy is pleased to offer his services as a private investigator to the general public in the Holly Springs area. The years of experience that Andy has gained during his work in law enforcement allow him to be thorough and efficient with any investigation.

The most common reason people are usually looking to have private investigations done is regarding the suspicion of a cheating spouse. There are many times where a spouse may have real suspicions based on circumstantial evidence, but they may want to give their spouse the benefit of the doubt until they obtain concrete proof. Andy can help to catch a cheating spouse or to clear their name; depending on whether or not they were actually cheating.

Andy handles many kinds of private investigations. Andy can help you to find out if there is any elder abuse happening to your loved one, or if the nanny is mistreating your children. With so many atrocities in the news every day, it is important to go by your sixth sense. If you suspect something is happening, Andy can help you discover the truth and put an end to the abuse. Andy can provide background checks, and investigate allegations of fraud. If an employee is suspected of fraudulently claiming an injury for workers compensation; Andy is the one who can get the evidence needed to prove otherwise. Whatever type of private investigation that you need handled, Andy will be glad to provide you with reliable, professional results.

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