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Andy Nichol has been working in the law enforcement field for over 17 years before retiring in 2011 as a former Detective Division Captain and an accomplished Raleigh Police Gang Advisor. He has been working successfully as a licensed private investigator in the Durham, Raleigh and neighboring North Carolina areas. Nichol Investigative Services excel in their ability to offer electronic and video surveillance.

The Nichol Investigative team under Andy's leadership experience have solved many cases in North Carolina for which they have received many awards and accolades. Andy and his private investigators and other specialized staff members provide successful information and trustworthy commitment to any case with speed and efficiency. Their private investigations are accomplished with integrity and all interactions are kept strictly confidential. His detectives and investigators offer reliable service and will never reveal any information or documents to third parties.

Andy Nichol Investigative Services is a full service investigative agency which believes in finding relevant information for clients and impartially reporting their findings. Our agency is anxious to be of assistance to you in private investigations which help you to move forward. Durham is a cultural mecca of art, history, sports, culinary dining sites, international shopping and many other interesting areas. As such, employers and private individuals would benefit from our private investigations in background search, custody cases, lost persons, divorce and cheating spouse investigations. Infidelity and cheating spouse monitoring is done through dependable GPS systems.

Our private investigators are professionals who conduct extensively discreet investigations, by keeping your identity confidential. All of our clients can be assured that their confidentiality is paramount, whether you are a high profile individual, high ranking executives, attorneys, government officials, families and lay persons who need our help. Our efficient investigative team are men and women who are bilingual and experienced in dealing with various cultures and gender diversity. Our specialized team members have received extensive investigative training through state, local and federal agencies, as well as have received military experience.

Andy and his team's main objective is restoring your peace of mind. Our agency has excelled in investigating in many cases in North Carolina with proven results by handling clients with confidentiality, accountability and integrity.

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