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If you are living around the Dunn, NC or Raleigh, NC area, then you will be happy to know that Captain Andy Nichol has just started up a private investigations business. Andy is a former police officer for the Raleigh Police Department.

After serving the RPD with all his effort and excellence for over 25 years, Andy has decided to switch careers and go into private investigations. He believes that he can help out the people of the area who need matters investigated with discretion. Cases that involve cheating spouses, finance irregularities, or shady business partners are types of situations that Andy is happy to investigate.

If you live in Dunn, NC and you believe that your wife or husband is cheating on you, what will you do? You could try and investigate yourself, but that is difficult and usually proves fruitless. Another alternative is to simply ignore the situation and hope you are wrong. However, the best thing to do is contact private investigators such as Andy. He will be happy to help you in any way he can. By looking at phone records, emails, or by following your spouse, Andy will be able to ascertain what is going on.

Just because you hire a private investigator, it does not mean you are doing something wrong. If you think you have a cheating spouse, it is your duty to get to the bottom of the situation. After all, there could be twenty different explanations for why they are acting strange. Once you have a private investigation done, you can have peace of mind about what is going on. Either your spouse is cheating on you and you can deal with that, or you know that there is nothing to worry about. Either way, contact Andy in Dunn, NC for help with the matter.

There are plenty of other scenarios where private investigators are useful. If you find yourself dealing with a business partner who is not forthright with you, then you might want them investigated. Hiring new employees is a challenge these days, but having private investigators look into their past can help vet out the unsuitable candidates.

So whether you think you have a cheating spouse or are dealing with another issue, contact Andy and his private investigations office today. You can set up an appointment and see how best to proceed. Rates are good and results are guaranteed by Andy.

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