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Marriages and relationships are supposed to be a positive addition to someone’s life. Loyalty is the most important factor and foundation that holds those marriages or relationships together. Unfortunately, spouses and partners sometimes fall short of what is expected of them on the fidelity spectrum.

There are so many feelings involved with cases of possible infidelity. Emotions range from doubt to denial, which is why hiring a professional to investigate the issue is an ideal solution. Private investigators are essential in finding information which cannot be deciphered by an individual with limited knowledge on observing methods and the human psyche. Catching a cheating spouse in an act of infidelity is a challenging venture. Private investigations cannot be completed easily by one person alone. It is made easy with the presence of private investigators.

While living near Carrboro in Raleigh, NC, Andy Nichol has served in law enforcement for over 25 years. His journey started in 1985, the year in which he became a police officer for Raleigh Police Department. From that point forward, Andy obtained a firsthand perspective into the psyche of humans, motives, and matters of the heart. As a captain, he filled several important positions within the police department.

As a Gang Advisor, Andy was assigned to oversee collaboration between partnerships in the community and the Police Department. The collaboration resulted in the and resources for at-risk and gang involved youth involved with gangs and other risky lifestyles.

When he was a Detective Division Captain, he evaluated performance of investigations in three different units. He had the same duties as he did when he was a Field Operations Sergeant. He once led the gang units of the department and a successful team to reduce robbery crime rates in Raleigh.

He is a Licensed Private Investigator who renders his investigative services to a wide range of clients. Some clients are private individuals and he works with corporations and insurance agencies. He served as a Lieutenant and Sergeant in the Detective Division. He dealt with offenses that were gang related and investigations of robbery crime scenes.

Interviewing all individuals related to a specific crime was a significant part of Andy’s role as an investigator. He collected and secured crime scene evidence, testified in court, and dealt with all levels of law enforcement. He was involved in the identification and apprehension process of offenders, so he has real life experience in dealing with dishonest people. His influence qualified him to make recommendations on who deserved promotions and who needed extensive discipline or training.

Andy Nichol’s experience in law enforcement left him with private investigative and analysis skills. A cheating spouse is no different from another dishonest person who has committed a crime. Private investigations are crucial in finding out what goes on when the concerned partner is not around. It takes a professional to go about investigating the issue the right way. Andy offers private investigative services to Carrboro and surrounding areas. With his background of acquired skills, the possibility of a cheating spouse can easily be clarified by a thorough investigation.

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