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Andy Nichol is a private investigator that serves Johnston County and the surrounding areas in North Carolina. With more than 25 years of law enforcement experience, Andy Nichol has helped many people and businesses with problems related to catching a cheating spouse, performing a thorough employee background check or investigating an insurance fraud case. Clients are offered a broad range of services such as consumer, business and attorney services. One major benefit that Andy Nichol has is that he has lived in the Johnston County area for quite some time and is very familiar with this County and the surrounding areas. He has also worked for the Raleigh Police Department as the captain of the homicide unit.

More people and businesses today are using private investigators to have private investigations done to find out information on a cheating spouse or on an employee who might be suspected of employee misconduct such as theft which can be detrimental and costly to a business. This is the number one reason why more businesses are choosing to use private investigators so that they can protect their companies from situations pertaining to fraud and theft. Nichol Investigative Services understand these needs and they are able to provide you with discreet information within a timely manner that is also cost effective.

Since Nichol offers a broad range of services, consumers can feel comfortable knowing that there serious personal situations will be handled confidentially and that they will be giving accurate information so that they can make good decisions regarding private investigations that were conducted on their behalf. Making decisions based on information that is given from a private investigator can be life changing especially if it involves a cheating partner.

Nichol Investigative Services also serves the apex area which is a town that is in Wake County North Carolina. Many residents of apex have thought about using a private investigative service for various reasons. It is important for anyone who is facing a difficult personal or business matter and resides in Johnston County or the surrounding areas of North Carolina, to think about contacting Nichol Investigative Services. When you need to know, Nichol Investigative services can help.

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