Private Investigators Clayton, NC

When you are in need of a private investigator, you want someone who is experienced, qualified and discrete. You do not want some rookie who thinks they know what they are doing when they don’t. In the Clayton, NC area, you can now retain the services of Andy Nichol, a highly experienced, recently retired police officer from the Raleigh, NC police department. Throughout his tenure with the police department, Andy worked in most of the different ranks of the detective division including investigator, Sargent, Lieutenant and Captain. He brings his extensive experience into the private investigator sector to help individuals, businesses and attorneys in all of their investigative needs.

Consumer Services

The private investigators service offered by Andy Nichol provides consumers with a way to spy on another person that is suspected of being dishonest. There are many reasons that people seek the help of his private investigations although the most prominent issue is to see if there is a cheating spouse. This is his specialty. He is able to determine quickly and confidentially if the spouse is being unfaithful and to reap the consequences of their actions. The private investigations provided by Andy Nichol come in a three step process to catch a cheating spouse. The first step is done by using state of the art GPS technology on their vehicle that tracks their every move. The next step is when they are followed for a time in a discreet manner so they have no idea they are being followed by an investigator. The final step is done when it has been proven that they are indeed being unfaithful; this is to help the spouse who is being cheated on to come in contact with an attorney who will help them with their future legal proceedings.

Business Investigations

Businesses are only as strong as their employees; when their employees are not honest, it costs the company money. When a company in the Clayton area suspects that an employee is being dishonest, they can also contact Andy Nichol and his private investigators to make sure that nobody is going to defraud the company in any way. He ensures that your employees are only getting paid for the hours they worked and that if they do call in sick, they are actually sick. He can also provide services to conduct thorough background checks to prospective employees so that you can be sure that who you think you hire, and who you actually hire, are the same thing.

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