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Choosing competent private investigators can truly be a daunting task. Especially in the sensitive area of suspected spousal infidelity, experience and profesionalism makes all the difference in protecting your interests. Acccurate and methodical collection of evidence that is able to withstand legal challenges is crucial in achieving successful legal outcomes for clients.

Experience matters.

Fortunately for Sanford, North Carolina, Nichol Investigative Services, LLC offers the level of expertise and diversity of services one would come to expect from a 21st century private investigations firm. Founder Andy Nichols is a former Captain of the Raliegh Police Department with over 25 years of experience in detective and surveillance field work. A retired decorated member of the Raleigh Police Department, Mr. Nichols has served tirelessly in law enforcement, successfully spearheading an anti-gang taskforce during the course of his career.

Why choose Nichols Ivestigative Services<ul>
<li>Reliable, personal service backed by 25+ years of fieldwork</li>
<li>Professionally licensed and certified</li>
<li>Utilizes cutting edge technology and equipment</li>
<li>Provides a wide range of investigative services to suit client's needs</li>
<li>Locally owned and operated</li>
<li>Now serving the Sanford area</li>
Here are some of the possible signs of a cheating spouse
<li>Unexplained changes in travel and work patterns</li>
<li>Unsubstantiated spending sprees</li>
<li>Mysterious receipts</li>
<li>Abrupt changes in personal habits</li>
<li>Lack of intimacy or interest of</li>
Infidelity is a painful and difficult experience with real negative consequences physically, emotionally, and financially. The sense of betrayal by a cheating spouse can lead to depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Not only to mention the possible exposure to sexual transmitted diseases as well as financial ruin due to unchecked spending. Therefore to achieve absolute peace of mind, contact the discreet and professional team of Nichol Investigative Services at 919-802-8352.

For your other consumer and business private investigations needs Nichols Investigative services offers criminal background checks, asset searches, nanny cams, elder abuse prevention, as well as photo and video surveillance. Not all private investigators are equal. Call today for a consultation and achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

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