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If you are looking for an experienced private investigator in Garner, North Carolina, you’ve come to the right place.

Andy Nichol, and his firm NIS, are the private investigation team you’ve been looking for. We know our way around Garner, and we know how to keep a low profile. We’ll work with you to get the answers you need.

About Andy Nichol and NIS

Captain Andy Nichol is the top private investigator in the Raleigh, NC area. He recently served as Captain in the Raleigh Police Department. He is by far the most qualified private investigator in the Garner, NC area to have on your team.

With his law enforcement experience, Andy Nichol and his firm, NIS, are able to handle a wide range of cases from cheating spouses to crime scene investigations (CSI). This unique combination of skills and experience makes NIS the smart choice for private investigations in Garner.

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NIS offers a wide range of private investigative services in the Garner, NC area including asset searches, background checks, cheating spouse investigations, and even crime scene investigations. View all of the private investigation services NIS offers.

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