Elder Abuse Investigations and Prevention

As children with older parents, often in different cities or states, we can’t always be available to provide the daily care our parents have come to need. So when we hire a nurse, or help them move to an elder community, we want to know that they’re being taken good care of.

When we read about elder abuse on the news, its hard to believe it could happen. But it does, and we need to make sure that our parents do not become victims of elder abuse themselves. For so many years our parents took care of us, and now its our turn to look out for them, and that starts with making sure they are being properly cared for as they age.

This is especially important if your parents have a debilitating disease, such as Alzheimer’s Syndrome, which renders them unable to report back to you about the quality of the care they are receiving. If you are not able to check in regularly, you will not be able to ensure that they are receiving the quality of care that they need and deserve.

Trust but Verify, To Prevent Elder Abuse

Even though you are sure that your parent is in good hands and you trust their caretakers, its always best to verify. NIS can quickly and discreetly surveil their home or community, and verify that your parent or loved one is getting the excellent care they deserve.

Don’t wait until its too late. Contact NIS today, and we’ll have a report for you in no time. You’ll feel better knowing that your family member is getting the care the deserve.

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