Workers’ Compensation Fraud

As a business owner, you walk a fine line when it comes to workers compensation. In North Carolina, businesses with more than 3 full-time employees are required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance. And when employees are injured on the job, they justly deserve compensation. As an employer, you must treat the claimant as a valued employee until you are presented with evidence otherwise.

Yet all too often, unscrupulous employees take advantage of the system to claim benefits to which they are not entitled. This is called Workers Compensation Fraud, and it drives up the price of insurance and costs small businesses millions of dollars each year.

Workers Compensation Fraud Can Threaten Your Business

Although it may be popular to paint business owners as cold-hearted for investigating workers compensation claims filed by their employees, the fact of the matter is that if not kept in check workers compensation fraud can threaten the very livelihood of a business and the employees who depend on it. It is your job as a business owner to be sure that your business is protected from falsified workers comp claims – your other workers are depending on you to do so.

Let NIS prove or disprove Workers Comp Fraud for your business

Hire NIS and we’ll manage your workers compensation fraud investigations. Our team has over 25 years of law enforcement experience: we know how to run a surveillance operation discreetly and with as little overhead as possible. We’ll quickly determine whether or not a workers compensation claim filed by one of your employees is legitimate or not.

NIS’ workers compensation investigation services are available directly to business owners as well as insurance companies

Workers compensation fraud investigations are one of the many services that NIS provides to business owners and insurance companies in the triangle area. If you have any reason to suspect that an employee may be faking an injury to pursue a false workers compensation claim don’t hesitate to contact NIS.

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