Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud takes many forms, but always involves deceitful or dishonest conduct with the goal of obtaining assets or evading liability. Fraud can be overt act or an omissions, and can be oral or written. However insurance fraud is perpetrated, it provides a drag on the economy to the tune of millions of dollars each year.

Insurance Fraud Investigations In Raleigh, NC

NIS provides insurance investigation services in the Raleigh, NC area both directly for clients and through insurance companies. We can be hired to prove or disprove an insurance claim, so that an insurance company can avoid paying out undeserved settlements and passing the cost on to honest customers.

Insurance fraud is especially common in relation to car accidents. Often a person will claim to have been severely injured in a car accident in the hopes of obtaining a large settlement from the insurance company. Because car accidents are so common and so many legitimate injuries do occur, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.

NIS can provide discreet surveillance of the person making the claim. If we catch them behaving in a way that is inconsistent with their reported injuries, we will document their behavior, providing you with conclusive photo and video proof that the claim is fraudulent. Although a perpetrator may be able to keep up their act for a long time, everyone who is faking an injury slips up eventually, and NIS will be their to catch them in the act.

Lies and Half-Truths In Insurance Investigations

One difference between insurance fraud and other types of fraud is that the perpetrators are not always career criminals. In fact, many cases of insurance fraud are committed by ordinary people who see an opportunity to increase the payout from a legitimate injury by overstating the extent to which they have been hurt. They may complain of intense back pain when in actuality they are merely sore, or continue visits to the doctor or chiropractor long past the point of healing in order to increase their settlement. NIS can help insurance companies prove that the claim, while having some inkling of validity, has been trumped up to appear more severe in order to obtain a higher payout from the insurance company.

Insurance Fraud: The Case Of The Not-Really-Stolen Property

Another common type of insurance fraud is when a property owner will claim that an insured piece of property has been stolen, when in fact it has not. In this way the claimant is trying to “double-dip” – to be paid for the replacement of their allegedly stolen property while continuing to enjoy the original (or selling it for a profit).

NIS can prove that a piece of insured property has not really been stolen, in order to help its insurance clients avoid paying out false claims and being forced to raise their rates across the board.

Let NIS help you with your insurance fraud investigation

With 25 years of law enforcement experience, NIS is the best team to help with your insurance fraud investigation. We’ll ensure that you are provided with high quality photo and video evidence so that you can squash fraudulent cases before they ever go to court.

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