Witness Location

We Are The Best Witness Location Specialists in Raleigh, NC

Court cases often hinge on which side is able to produce the most compelling witnesses to support their case. NIS can help you make sure its your side that presents the most compelling witnesses: first by identifying these key witnesses and second by locating them.

You can never be overprepared for a case. Partner with NIS to make sure you have the best witnesses available to help you make your client’s case as effectively as possible. We’ll help you locate and identify the key witnesses that will make the difference in the case.

Identifying Key Witnesses

Witnesses don’t often make themselves available. Its human inclination to avoid uncomfortable experiences, and all too often witnesses will stay silent unless they are asked directly to come forward.

NIS can help you identify the key witnesses in your case through surveillance and other investigative techniques. We’ll look for friends, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone else who might be able to provide a crucial piece of testimony to further your case.

Locating A Witness

Sometimes identifying a witness is not the problem – finding them so that you can compel them to testify in the first place is. NIS can help you locate a witness that might have moved or is otherwise difficult to reach.

We can even help you make contact with the witness once they have been identified. With 25 years of law enforcement experience, the NIS team knows how to work with a witness who is hesitant about coming forward. This can be a delicate situation, and you’ll want to partner with an experienced team such as Andy Nichol’s NIS to make sure everything works out.

Witness identification and location can make the difference between a successful outcome for your client and a worst-case scenario. Make sure you’re representing them to the best of your ability by hiring the best witness location specialists in the business.

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