Recorded Witness Statements

Don’t take chances when recording your witness’ statements –
add 25 years of law enforcement experience to your team.

Witness statements must be recorded carefully and by the book, or they can be thrown out in court. With 25 years of law enforcement experience, NIS can ensure that all procedures are followed correctly, ensuring the validity of your recorded witness statements.

We can help with every step of obtaining a recorded statement from a witness – from making contact with them to interviewing them in accordance with your instructions. We can obtain a recorded statement from the witness that you may use during future proceedings. If requested, NIS can also perform a background investigation on your witnesses and anyone else to determine their creditability.

In addition to recording witness statements, NIS provides many support services for attorneys in Raleigh, NC. We can help with any private investigation needs you have, from witness location and asset searches, to video surveillance and crime scene investigation.

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