Photos and Video Surveillance Services

A key part of any private investigation is the gathering of photo and video evidence. In order to catch a cheating spouse and prove your case in court you’ll need irrefutable evidence, and photos and videos are the easiest way to deliver it.

NIS has 25 years of law enforcement experience. We can provide you with the photo and video evidence you need to win your case in court. You only get one shot to snap the crucial photo – don’t leave it up to an amateur.

If you hire NIS, we’ll surveil the target while they are in public from a remote location, such as a car. We’ll document any wrongdoing with high-quality photos and video, and provide this evidence to you for use in your court proceedings. No matter how good their attorney, they’ll have a hard time explaining away photo and video proof. The evidence may be so overwhelming as to provoke an out of court settlement in your favor.

Photos and Videos Often Provide The Crucial Piece Of Evidence

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and juries find photos to be powerful proof in evaluating evidence. A photo or a video can often prove a relationship more convincingly for a jury than any other type of evidence. Don’t let your side be caught without effective visual aids – make sure the jury sees what you are trying to show them.

Let NIS provide the photo and video surveillance you need. Don’t be caught short when such vital documentation is only a click away.

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