Litigation Support

NIS is available to assist attorneys in trial preparation. We can provide litigation support for attorneys in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas on a per-case or ongoing basis.

As Andy Nichol is a former captain of the RPD with 25 years of experience, he can provide you with unique perspective and and a credible alternative viewpoint when you are preparing for your case, and during the litigation phase.

Although we are available for a variety of litigation services (if you’re not sure, just ask!), we have been especially effective in these areas:

Evidence Gathering

We can help you collect evidence that the police either missed or have not found themselves yet. A crucial piece of evidence often makes the key difference in a criminal trial, and Andy Nichol is the best person to find it.

Analysis and Management

As a former captain with the RPD, Andy has extensive experience both managing investigations at a deep level and seeing the big picture. If you’re preparing for a trial and are not sure what your next steps should be, Andy can help you make the right decisions. Even if you already know exactly what you want, Andy will help make your litigation preparation as streamlined as possible.

Review of Police Reports

Police reports often include a lot of detail “between the lines”. By having an independent detective with 25 years of real law enforcement experience read over the police report, you’ll be surprised by what’s written – and unwritten – in a police report.

Reviewing Witness Statements

Witnesses lie, often without meaning to. Eyewitness testimony is especially unreliable. By having Andy review your witness statements, he can uncover what’s solid about the statement, and what might be a fabrication.

Review of Documents

The way documents are interpreted can make or break a case. Let Andy review any documents you will be presenting to the court to make sure everything is presented correctly and in the best light.

If you’re not sure where to start, you just know you need litigation support services, just get in touch and we’ll take it from there. After a thorough review of the case, recommendations will be presented based upon our findings and experience.

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