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Partner with the Best Private Investigator in Raleigh, NC

Don’t lose a case because you missed a crucial detail that could have provided the break you and your client needed. Hire a private investigator who knows how the system works, and can provide you with the best information and advice available.

We prefer to create long-standing relationships with the best attorneys in Raleigh, NC and the triangle area. We provide investigative services for defense attorneys including background checks, asset searches, GPS tracking and surveillance, and extending all the way to Crime Scene Investigation and Witness Location.

With over 25 years of law enforcement experience and extensive investigative experience, NIS can perform a variety of investigative services for attorneys that can be useful during case preparation, trial and any other type of litigation or lawsuit. Whether criminal or civil in nature we are available to assist you in conducting background investigations, interviews, surveillance and locating people.

We’re available on an ongoing and discreet basis. If you are a defense attorney in the Raleigh area, you need to be working with Captain Andy Nichol, 2008 RPD Employee Of The Year. You will not find a better partner.

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