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Hire the best Independent Crime Scene Investigator in Raleigh, NC

If you need to hire an independent crime scene investigator, you will not do better than Andy Nichol and NIS.

Andy is a former captain of the Raleigh Police Department’s homicide and gang units. Having worked many homicide, assault, gang, and drug cases with the Raleigh police, Andy can handle any crime scene investigation you need him for. You should review Andy’s resume, and then you’ll see that when it comes to hiring an independent crime scene investigator in Raleigh, there’s no one as qualified as Andy Nichol and NIS.

Whether you are personally involved with a major crime, or an attorney working on your client’s behalf, you should get an outside investigator to perform a crime scene investigation on your behalf. Especially if the other side is presenting a strong case, you want to have a trusted outside opinion on your side. its important that you hire an independent crime scene investigator quickly, so that the investigator can access the crime scene before it is disturbed any further than it has been already.

Andy Nichol provides the rare opportunity to have a uniquely qualified investigator perform an investigation of the crime scene for you. If you want real experience, you should hire Andy today.

Why You Should Hire Andy Nichol for Crime Scene Investigation in Raleigh, NC

Before becoming a private investigator, Andy was a Captain of the Raleigh Police Department. He commanded and was responsible for all Detective Division functions in major case investigations of the homicide, robbery and aggravated assault units of the Raleigh Police. Before he became Captain, as a lieutenant, Andy Nichol assisted in commanding the Gang and Robbery Units in their investigative services.

In 2008, Andy was simultaneously named both the City of Raleigh Employee Of The Year and the Raleigh Police Department Employee Of The Year.

Andy has directly supervised and coordinated major Crime Scene Investigations of robbery and other major crimes. He’s ensured the collection, evaluation, analysis and dissemination of information from all sources specifically related to the criminal activities of validated gang members.

While assigned to this position, he conducted extensive analysis on robberies occurring in Raleigh. This required the personal reading and evaluation of over 2,000 robbery reports.

Bottom Line: If you need a credible independent crime scene investigator to speak on your behalf, you need Andy Nichol on your side.

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