What Is A Private Investigator?

Private investigators are the individuals that go out and conduct private investigations for clients, so, that those clients can make an informed decision about a matter. These professionals look for hardcore indisputable evidence to take back to the client. No firm has more experience with private investigative work in the Garner, NC area than Nichol Investigative Services. Nichol Investigative Services is led by Andy Nichol, who is a former top member of the Raleigh, NC police department. Andy Nichol and Nichol Investigative Services very simply put, get the job done for clients in the Garner, NC area.

Nichol Investigative Services provides a plethora of services to consumer, business, and attorney clients in the Garner, NC area including: asset searches, background investigations, crime scene investigations, criminal record checks, photos and video surveillance services, witness location, employee surveillance, worker’s compensation fraud, elder abuse investigations and prevention, infidelity/cheating spouse investigations, and many more.

One of the most used services at Nichol Investigative Services is the surveillance investigations. Surveillance evidence is generally indisputable and is beyond reproach. What makes Nichol Investigative Services better at surveillance investigations than any other firm, is the fact that Andy Nichol and his private investigators have specialized training doing investigations. Andy Nichol has specialized training with basic street gang identification and investigation, investigating gang related homicides, outlaw biker gang investigations, and advanced gang investigations. All of this experience and vast knowledge, makes Andy Nichol and Nichol Investigative Services the ideal firm to turn to when private investigations are needed.

The most prolific type of surveillance investigation conducted by Nichol Investigative Services is the cheating spouse investigation. Having a unfaithful spouse is always tough to deal with. Nichol Investigative Services provides a wide variety of modern surveillance options to consumers. Sophisticated surveillance equipment can be placed in a client’s home or vehicle to find out the truth about a cheating spouse more swiftly than in a traditional investigation. A Global Positioning System tracker on a possible cheating spouse’s vehicle will provide indisputable proof as to their whereabouts at particular times. This is the type of hardcore evidence that ensures client satisfaction.

The Nichol Investigative Services website has a wealth of information available to potential clients searching for clues of infidelity. Some of the clues of marital infidelity are: working overtime- the significant other claims that they have to work late or that they have a meeting when they are actually secretly getting together with their lover, unaccountable hours- your partner is not willing or able to explain the reason they were not where they said they would be, “It’s your imagination”- your significant other may become angry with you, making this statement when it’s really a sign that you are suspicious and that you possibly have an idea of the truth, no longer interested in sexual intimacy, choosing not to wear their wedding ring, and new sexual techniques. There are a few more clues that can be viewed on the website.

When private investigations and answers to questions are needed and they are needed fast, clients in the Garner area can trust the private investigators at Nichol Investigative Services to fulfill those needs in a professional and timely way. Whether it is consumer, business, or attorney services that’s required, the private investigators at Nichol Investigative Services will conduct the private investigations and produce results.

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