Private Investigation Services for Attorneys

Even the most talented lawyer can’t build a good case without getting help from private investigation services. This is simply because their expertise is not in the field of investigation. In addition, the process takes time, and lawyers may end up missing some important areas of the job that they actually specialize in. No matter how efficient or experienced the lawyer is, they need private investigators who can provide them with the comprehensive facts needed to come up with a case.

Today, it is important that attorneys work with private investigators to get their job done as fast as possible. Lawyers are not trained how to scrutinize elements surrounding the case. Only PIs with years of experience in the field can help them accomplish these tasks.

Our licensed private investigator service in Raleigh, NC, aims to provide attorneys all their needs when it comes to developing a case. Hiring a seasoned private investigator such as Nichol Investigative Services, LLC is among the best investments a successful lawyer can make. This is especially true when they are able to develop a good working relationship. When this happens, solving cases will always be a breeze.

Nichol Investigative Services offers the following.

·         Asset Searches

NIS offers services like asset searches for whatever purpose the attorney may need it for. This service may be used for ongoing research or prior to filing litigation. With this, lawyers can ensure that they have all the information needed for their legal strategy. NIS can assist clients and attorneys in determining whether the opposition has assets to collect and where they may try to hide them.

·         Background Investigations

Attorneys always need the truth, and the only way to get it is to hire investigation services like the NIS. With this, they will be able to dig deeper into a person’s background for criminal or civil matters, divorce, theft cases, morality issues, financial matters, child custody and marital issues.

·         Crime Scene Investigation

Andy Nichol is the perfect choice should attorneys need crime scene investigators. It is Nichol’s expertise as he was once the captain of the Raleigh Police Department’s homicide and gang unit. He has many years of experience handling criminal case investigations like robbery, homicide and aggravated assault.

·         Criminal Record Checks

Accuracy is crucial when performing criminal record checks. Some online sources may not be able to provide the most comprehensive criminal record searches. This is why it is better to hire real investigation services to do the task. With this, lawyers can be sure that get they most reliable data that may be used for their defense or prosecution.

·         Defense Work

A reliable private investigation service knows how the system works and is capable of providing the best advice or information possible to build a strong case. This is exactly what NIS specializes in. No matter what type of defense work is needed, NIS can handle it all.

·         Litigation Support

NIS offers assistance to attorneys during trial preparation either on a per case or on-going basis. Litigation support services include evidence gathering, analysis management and review of police reports, witness statements and all other pertinent documents.

·         Photos and Videos

With NIS’s 25 years of experience in law enforcement, gathering evidence is no longer a difficult task. NIS offers photo and video surveillance service that will provide irrefutable evidence to defend or prosecute someone in court. NIS can document any wrongdoing with high-quality photos and videos. Winning the case is just a click away with NIS.

·         Recording Witness Statements

Witness statements can make or break a case. With accurate and careful recording of witness statements, lawyers can present valid evidence. NIS already knows the protocols involved in obtaining a recorded statements. However, NIS ensures that every step taken is in accordance with the attorney’s instructions from making contact to interviews and recording.

·         Witness Location

Identifying key witnesses and locating them is also among our expertise at NIS. Attorneys may find it challenging to locate the most compelling witnesses for a case. Private investigation services like NIS can help them bring witnesses to court if needed.

Nichol Investigative Services ensures that lawyers will be able to represent their clients successfully if they choose them as a long-term partner. Our experience in the field is like no other. With this, attorneys can rely on NIS’ expert, accurate and reliable private investigation services.

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