Investigation Support Services for Attorneys

When someone needs help traversing the legal system, they turn to a good attorney. Someone knowledgeable, skilled, and with the experience to get the job done. Where does the attorney turn to for those areas outside their expertise? Attorneys maintain a resource list of medical experts, financial experts, and technical experts. This list of expert resources should include an investigator.

Private investigation services can assist the attorney as they build a case, obtain witness statements, and evaluate crime scenes. Attorneys can use investigation support services to support, corroborate, and even find evidence. As with all expert resources, developing a working relationship between an experienced investigator and an attorney will benefit all parties concerned.

In the Raleigh, North Carolina area, attorneys seeking investigation services need look no further than Nichol Investigative Services, LLC. Andy Nichol is an experienced investigator with over 25 years of experience in the Raleigh police department. At Nichol, investigation is our area of expertise.

Photo and Video Surveillance
A clear picture speaks a thousand words. The benefit of using investigation services to obtain photographic or video evidence against the other party is clear. Using photographs to show a personal injury victim playing volleyball can be useful information for either side. Trusted investigation support services can equip the attorney with photo surveillance capabilities that they may not otherwise obtain.

Background check
Nichol's private investigation services know how to get the information. Being able to rely on the information being on time and complete is easy when years of experience come into play. Whether it is a criminal background check or financial history, Raleigh attorneys can depend on the experience of Nichol Investigative Services.

Crime Scene
Why wouldn't an attorney want to obtain independent crime scene information? A crime scene needs a trained eye to see what is there. With our 25 years of police department experience, Nichol Investigative Services can see what the crime scene is saying.

Witness Location
Make certain that all witnesses get interviewed by using investigation services to locate any witnesses not identified in the police report. The experts at Nichol Investigative Service have decades of experience that give them the skills to find all the witnesses.

It is not always expedient for the attorney or staff members to engage in surveillance or research. In such a case, discretion can be accomplished through the use of private investigation services.

Understanding the System
Nichol Investigative Services has the long-term experience to know how the legal system works. This makes Nichol the perfect litigation support partner for the attorney in the Raleigh area.

Experienced private investigation services enhance the practice of law as any subject expert does. The attorney is free to focus on the law when they partner with a skilled investigator. In the Raleigh, North Carolina area, attorney's can depend on the experience, professionalism, and discretion of Nichol Investigative Services. At Nichol, we know how to verify, corroborate, and locate the information that attorneys will need. Ready to partner with an expert investigative service? Call (919) 802-8352 or email us at to discuss investigative services and find out how we can help.

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