Attorney Services

Attorney Services

We work with attorneys from around the country to provide private investigation services in Raleigh, NC. From intellectual property cases to insurance and workers comp fraud, we provide attorneys with the eyes and ears they need on the ground in North Carolina. We help attorneys with many private investigation services including surveillance, witness location, documentation of intellectual property violations, criminal background checks, and even independent crime scene investigation (CSI).

Business Services

Business Services

Don’t make a serious business decision without knowing the facts. As private investigators, we can help you research potential business partners and opportunities, providing you the evidence essential to making sound knowledgeable decisions needed to protect you and your business. Employee misconduct, whether it involves fraud, theft, harassment or malfeasance can be harmful to any business and extremely costly in today’s competitive work environment. Protect your business through proactive, discreet investigations.

Consumer Services

Consumer Services

From cheating spouses to stopping recurring vandalism, NIS Private Investigations can provide you with the information and intelligence essential to making sound knowledgeable decisions to protect you and your family. We can setup nanny cams, provide photo and video evidence of a cheating wife or cheating husband, prove elder abuse, and many other types of private investigation and surveillance. If you need a private detective in Raleigh, NC (or the surrounding area), contact NIS now.

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For a free confidential consultation with a licensed private investigator please contact NIS directly at (919) 802-8352 anytime.

Private Investigators in Raleigh, NC

NIS is headquartered in Raleigh, but we're available to serve you in any of the surrounding counties in North Carolina. For a list of cities served by NIS, click here.

Our founder, Andy Nichol, served as captain in the Raleigh Police Department before founding NIS. In 2008 he was named Employee Of The Year not only for the Raleigh Police Department, but for the entire city of Raleigh itself.

You will not find a more experience and qualified private investigator in North Carolina. If you're looking for a licensed private investigator in Raleigh, NC, you've come to the right place. We are the best private investigators and private detectives in North Carolina.

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About Nichol Investigative Services (NIS)

Before founding NIS in 2012, Andy served as a Gang Advisor and Captain in the Raleigh Police Department, culminating a 25-year career in law enforcement.

Andy uses his 25 years of law enforcement experience every day as a private investigator. His unmatched experience and dedication set him apart from all other private investigators in Wake County.

If you'd like to learn more about NIS and its founder Captain Andy Nichol, click here to read Andy's Bio.

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